15 Inch blue and white cupcake with sprinkles Smillows cupcake scented Plush with Top Summer Toy, kids product of the year award badge from the 2019 creative child magazine

Cupcake Smillow (15" pillow plush)

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Smillows® are super soft scented pillows. These unique scented pillows look great on beds, couches, kids play areas, and wherever else you need extra cuteness! This adorable Smillow is scented like yummy blueberry pie and the scent is guaranteed to last for 2 years. This product is suggested for ages 3 and up.


  • Approx. size: 15″ width x 15″ height x 4″ depth
  • Cupcake scented
  • Scent is guaranteed to last for 2 years