Grand Canyon Fundraising, LLC Form

Scentco Authorized Distributer

Starter Package Information

To make getting started on a Sell-A-Thon as simple as possible, Scentco will send your school a Starter Package containing the following:

1. Samples of the products that are available for sale in the Sell-A-Thon store ( Your school can display these samples on campus as part of the promotion of the fundraiser, and to get the kids excited (asking their parents to purchase them).

2. A take-home flyer for each student involved. This document will be prepared by Scentco with the proper QR codes and website address that parents, family, friends and co-workers can use to support the school. The take-home flyers are color printed (two-sides). They showcase the products to the kids, and inform the parents of the
Sell-A-Thon campaign details.

3. Four posters that your school can put up on campus to promote the campaign (with blank spaces for the campaign date range to be written in).

So long as your school generates at least $1,000 worth of sales from your campaign (somewhere around 22 orders...depending on the size of them), then the Starter Package will be free. If your school does not meet the $1,000 threshold, then $150 will be withheld from the payout of your school’s proceeds to cover the cost of the Starter Package (product samples, take-home flyers, posters, shipping).

If your school would prefer to not receive the starter package, and would rather receive a copy of the take-home flyer from Scentco via email so you can distribute it yourselves, that’s fine too. There will not be a sales threshold to meet in this case. 

The success of a Sell-A-Thon is really dependent on the promotion of the event. There isn’t much work involved other than Promote! Promote! Promote!